“Drawdown Climate Solutions assessment shows the importance of insight into non-energetic emissions and promising climate solutions in the province of Gelderland”

DERA is proud to have made a preliminary assessment (Preliminary Climate Solutions Assessment (PCSA)) of existing ‘Drawdown’ climate solutions for the province of Gelderland. This climate solutions assessment provides insight into the energetic, but also especially into the non-energy greenhouse gas emissions

Reindert Augustijn, Province of Gelderland: “This (PCS) Assessment helps us to gain insight into the non-energy emissions in the province and provides insight into the effect of climate measures. It broadens our knowledge of sources other than energy, such as agriculture and land use, and offers us the opportunity to calculate climate measures. In addition, the method provides insight into the potential for reduction and sequestration of emissions by means of realistic, scalable and economically beneficial climate solutions in the region.”

Climate is about more than energy
Reducing emissions from energy sources (gas, coal, fuel, etc.) plays a major role in climate plans, but non-energetic emissions are also important. These are emissions that arise, for example, in agriculture (e.g. methane from livestock or carbon dioxide from the soil) and from nature (e.g. from peatlands, forests and grassland). A large share of the emissions in Gelderland is of a non-energetic nature and derives from agricultural activities. For these emissions the PCSA identifies 6 core applications for regenerative agriculture that, on the one hand, reduce these emissions and, on the other, increase the capacity of the soil to absorb carbon (sequestration).

These are:

  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • Planting permanent ground cover plants
  • Rotating various crops
  • Use of organic production methods and products
  • Nutrient management

With these core principles for regenerative agriculture, a regenerative region can be developed locally, creating opportunities for a stronger, resilient and constructive (bio)economy.

Current market developments & realistic climate solutions
The PSCA is a first step towards identifying promising regions where climate solutions such as regenerative agriculture and nutrient management can deliver emission reductions and sequestrations. We link this to current market developments that are specific to the region, so that the climate objectives can be achieved in the local ecosystem. DERA identifies the potential and can in that matter pinpoint local value chains based on the natural resources present in a region (the so-called bio-region) and existing initiatives.

To implement the climate solutions collaboration with local farmers, ecopreneurs and initiatives that are identifying the potential of bioregions is necessary. Drawdown is part of a WEAVING FOR A THRIVING PLANET empowering people and facilitating multistakeholder partnership processes needed to bring key decision makers together who can make a significant systemic change, like Ashoka, The Weaving Lab, Commonland, Presencing Institute, Savory Institute and Bioregional.

Do you have any questions and/or input from the Gelderland PSCA? please contact Roos Janssen.

Would you also like to know which emissions arise in your region and what the potential is for reduction and sequestration? interested in a PCSA in your region contact Pepijn Duijvestein – Regional Solutions Director