Drawdown Europe Research Association (DERA) started as an initiative of Project Drawdown with EIT-Climate-KIC and a number of European Convening Partners. DERA is an Association under Dutch law with a pan-European board and an office in Amsterdam. This structure allows truly shared ownership; members are collectively responsible because they approve the board’s plans and budgets.

Public Benefit Organisation

Drawdown Europe Research Association is an independent non-profit Association. Drawdown Europe consists of its members. Members are individuals or institutions that contribute to the research and/or development of the collaborative. Drawdown Europe has the PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) status, in Dutch; ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) Status: as we are registered under Dutch law.

As a public benefit organisation, we keep the common interest first: reverse climate change to recreate the future for our children and all living beings. Your donation will be used solely for this purpose.

While we enable research and research-to-action tools, we do not take equity or other benefit sharing. This way we remain independent and make sure that we only support the work that leads to the future we envision.


We are legally supported and represented by a light-weight non-profit Association registered in the Netherlands (Vereniging). Our board members are Andreas Kuhlmann (chairman), John Moorhead (secretary), Jochen Wermuth (treasurer), Veerle Vanderweerd (member), João Pedro Gouveia (member) and Chad Frischmann (member).

The board is not compensated for their work as board members. Our executive team is only compensated for direct expenses or on a per project basis.

Drawdown Europe Research Association
RSIN (fiscal id): 859992809
Chamber of commerce (KvK) number: 74687107
Dutch VAT nr. (BTW): we are exempt from VAT

Bank NL13 BUNQ 2035 0260 75, Swift/BIC: BUNQNL2A

Amsterdam centre office & postal address:
Tolhuisweg 2, 1031CL Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Legal office
Vegastraat 56, 1033HW Amsterdam, The Netherlands