PCSA with the Province of Gelderland

Province of Gelderland: an ambitious climate province

Drawdown Drawdown Europe Research Association (DERA) has been asked by the province of Gelderland to map the non-energetic emissions, showing the potential for emission reduction and capture of relevant Drawdown climate solutions.

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“This (PCS) Assessment helps us to gain insight into the non-energy emissions in the province and provides insight into the effect of climate measures. It broadens our knowledge of sources other than energy, such as agriculture and land use, and offers us the opportunity to calculate climate measures. In addition, the method provides insight into the potential for reduction and sequestration of emissions by means of realistic, scalable and economically beneficial climate solutions in the region.”

Reindert Augustijn, Manager Intensifying Climate Action at Province of Gelderland

A preliminary Climate Solution Assessment (PCSA)

The emission sources and emissions in the province of Gelderland have been mapped by means of a baseline analysis. The non-energetic carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (methane (CH4), HFCs (23,32,152a, 143a, 134a, 125,), PFC 14 and 116 and Other PFCs) are clustered by sector (agriculture & land use and companies & industry, built environment, mobility) and linked to Drawdown solutions that offer the greatest potential for reducing and capturing these emissions. Based on the Gelderland context, various scenarios have been worked out for the most promising solutions.

The non-energetic emissions in Gelderland per sector.


Most important insights


  • Insight 1: 85% of the emissions (non-energetic) leads back to 8.5% of the emission sources, the main sectors being agriculture & land use and industry & companies.
  • Insight 2: 47 Drawdown solutions can reduce and capture these emissions.
  • Insight 3: There are 16 promising solutions and innovations for emissions from agriculture & land use and industry & companies. The sum of the potential results in a reduction of 3.37 Mton in 2030. This is comparable with the current complete energy targets in Gelderland or with the sum of the reduction targets for industry and mobility.
  • Insight 4: Landfills are a major source of methane emissions. Capture and composting are solutions that ensure a reduction. Closing one of several landfills also has great potential.

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About DERA

DERA is an independent organization that, in collaboration with Project Drawdown, brings the Drawdown solutions to a European context. Project Drawdown® is a non-profit organization that wants to reach the point “Drawdown” by means of integrated and holistic models and concrete climate solutions. Drawdown is the future when the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop rising and start to decline steadily.

Would you like to know which emissions arise in your region and what the potential is for reduction and sequestration? Contact Pepijn Duijvestein (pepijn@drawdowneurope.org) – Regional Solutions Director.

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