About us

Drawdown Europe Research Association (DERA) is a growing ecosystem of partners, research members and users that are turning research into action: ensuring that it remains living and useful. We are bringing Drawdown to Europe by translating the global drawdown solution set to the European context, creating an open opportunity assessment model through our Research and Modelling Platform for investors, policy makers and others.

This will help the world to:

  • Compare and assess global Climate Solutions in regional contexts; with decision support tools;
  • Create and maintain ‘Drawdown Lists & Rankings’ for cities, supply chains and regions;
  • Produce results and recommendations based on integrated scenario’s;
  • Connect researchers, policy makers and investors
  • For investors to create climate positive impact portfolios
  • For policy makers to expand climate policy opportunities
  • For business to build cross-supply-chain assessments

Project Drawdown

The Global Project Drawdown was founded in the US in 2014 to measure, model and communicate the most substantive global solutions to stop and reverse global warming – making it possible to see and compare available solutions apples to apples. This had never been done before:

  • 10.000+ person-hours of research and solution-model development;
  • Data-collection by 80+ researchers from around the world;
  • The world-famous book ‘Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming’ translated to many languages today.

The existing Drawdown model calculates its results at a global level. To make our collective work truly useful and meaningful to users and implementers, the model needs to provide relevant knowledge specific to regional, sectoral, and local applications. Drawdown Europe together with Project Drawdown will create an interactive Drawdown Research and Model Platform: a Python model software that enables scaling to different contexts which is a tool for implementers and decision-makers to act on.


Drawdown Europe Research Association (DERA) started as an initiative of Project Drawdown with EIT-Climate-KIC and a number of European Convening Partners. DERA is an Association under Dutch law with a pan-European board and an office in Amsterdam: a structure for shared ownership.

DERA exists of its members and acts as an independent but interconnected effort within the Drawdown Global Research Collaborative. DERA and other research associations globally, such as Drawdown USA Research Association, will have a key role in taking the Drawdown Global Research Collaborative to the next level of integration and specificity needed.

DERA is a non profit and holds a Public Benefit (ANBI) Status. Please find or Legal information here.


Researchers, entrepreneurs, and activists from all over Europe are invited to join the initiative and share their expertise and knowledge in a fundamentally open, collaborative and distributed way.