About us

Drawdown Europe Research Association (DERA) started as an initiative of Project Drawdown with EIT-Climate-KIC and a number of European Convening Partners. DERA is an Association under Dutch law with a pan-European board and an office in Amsterdam: a structure for shared ownership. DERA exists of its members and acts as an independent but interconnected effort within the Drawdown Global Research Collaborative. DERA and other research associations globally, such as Drawdown USA Research Association, will have a key role in taking the Drawdown Global Research Collaborative to the next level of integration and specificity needed.

DERA is a research association that is regionalizing the Drawdown models and approach to the European context.

Following the global Project Drawdown, a coalition of entrepreneurs and researchers launched the Drawdown Europe Research Association. It ‘centres without walls’ research, innovation, implementation and demonstration for climate solutions based in Europe.

Researchers, entrepreneurs, and activists from all over Europe are invited to join the initiative and share their expertise and knowledge in a fundamentally open, collaborative and distributed way.