Science to action

The Drawdown Europe Research Association builds on the Project Drawdown model and framework to guide and facilitate science-based climate action, and help create useful and meaningful tools to assess and enable implementation throughout Europe and the world. Together with a global network of researchers, we are connecting and convening the best research available on climate solutions, and translate it into accessible, relevant, and usable tools that enable implementation.

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The Drawdown Research & Model Platform

Combining an integrated software package, open collaboration approaches, and engaging user interfaces, we are co-creating a dynamic platform that facilitates research and decision-support tools across regions, localities, and sectors. Working in collaboration with Project Drawdown and other partners in the Global Research Collaborative, research methodologies are continually refined, new financial, technical, and climate data added, solution implementation monitored, and successful stories surfaced.
Decision-makers can use the tools developed to access data for policy creation, financial investment, business development, urban planning, and individual decisions to accelerate the implementation of climate solutions.

Andreas Kulhmann
Andreas Kulhmann
CEO, German Energy Agency (DENA) and Chairman of Drawdown Europe

Project Drawdown shows how Europe can reframe it’s climate efforts in a way that encourages cooperation, understanding and action. It is an exceptional coalition of some of the sharpest thinkers that has the potential to save the planet.

Kirsten Dunlop
Kirsten Dunlop
CEO, EIT Climate-KIC

One of the greatest barriers to climate action is the asymmetry of access to knowledge, innovation and skills development. EIT Climate-KIC wants to learns from the research and modelling the Drawdown platform will make available for local as well as global applications. Partnering with the Drawdown Community brings together complementary forces for change by deploying solutions at scale.