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Climate solutions in Europe

We want to rapidly stop and begin to reverse global warming while working towards a regenerative, equitable and enjoyable world. The Drawdown Europe Research Association builds on the Project Drawdown model and framework to guide and facilitate science-based climate action, and help create useful and meaningful tools to assess and enable implementation throughout Europe and the world.

About Drawdown Europe

Data and Research

Fellowship programs and scientific collaboration for solution-based science

Climate Scenarios

To make the Drawdown methodology truly useful and insightful for scenarios and ambition realisation


Supporting local, regional and country-scale stakeholders to act on their climate ambitions


Drawdown Europe design phase

This report represents the completion of the Design Phase of the Drawdown Europe Research Association, supported and funded by EIT-Climate-KIC. Our work draws upon a vast base of knowledge provided by Project Drawdown and its partners and supporters.

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Reversing global warming

We are working towards a regenerative and equitable society

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